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Other Activities

San Buenas Golf Resort San Buenas Golf Resort

For golf lovers, San Buenas is a great option 40 minutes away from Hotel Cuna del Angel. Enjoy a this spectacular topography of a multi-river valley intersected by several finger ridges leading up to the mountains created the perfect setting for 18 fantastic holes. The ideal Golf Course Architect was found in Mr. Dan Lavis. During the designed process, San Buenas cared of the 224 specimen indigenous trees in the property, the 18 holes were re-routed to ensure the preservation of these great natural resources and take advantage of the mature trees which add to the playability and beauty of a golf course. Besides the grass used, Paspalum, is native of Australia. It is a warm season perennial grass. Some og the benefits of Paspalum are: Tolerance to high saline (salt) levels. This turf can even be sprayed with salt water, low fertilizer requirements, thrives in moist climates, and tolerates wet conditions well.

Horseback Riding to Nauyaca Waterfalls

This is one of the highlights in the area. You cannot miss this wonderful tour. These horse back riding tours are through a farm that borders with two amazing waterfalls of the Barucito River. These wonderful waterfalls are the second biggest waterfalls in the area and it is also the main attraction not only because its natural beauty which gives unforgettable moments, but also to do different outdoors activities, like climbing the falls, swimming, jumping into the deep waters and bird watching.

Rafting Tours

The area offers two options for Rafting Tours, specially during Green Season, The Guabo River and the Coto Brus River.

Surf Lessons

Face the challenge of this wonderful sport. We can recommend you professional and well trained local surfers who surfing and teaching is their passion.