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"Deleite Saludable"

Reivista Código Salud
Noviembre 2013

"Cuna del Angel, El lugar donde los detallas hablan"

Revista Apetito
Octubre 2013

“Costa Rica's Secret Coast”

Coastal Living
May 2010
Writer David Hanson explains why he chose to head down South on his trip to Costa Rica, and recommends Cuna del Angel as one of the hotels to stay.

“Eventually the asphalt gave out, and a dirt road unraveled between banana plantations and palm trees. The coast kept going to my right, so I followed. Twenty miles later, pavement returned, though without the billboards. Jungle canopies and chill beaches ruled. I’d entered the real Costa Rica.”

Cuna del Angel sponsors Costa Rican photoshoot

Elle Magazine
March 2010

Hotel Cuna del Angel recently sponsored a photo shoot in Costa Rica, the result which boasts the stunning setting can be admired in the March Magazine of Elle.

“Best Hotel in Costa Rica 2007”

Viva Travel Guide, 2008.

The Cuna del Angel was awarded the “Best Hotel in Costa Rica 2007” by the National Chamber of Tourism. The hotel is angel-themed and each room is named after an angel.