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During your stay at Cuna del Ángel Hotel, aside from the service quality and specialization we provide, we try to make your trip and stay those of the sustainable and responsible traveler. Here you will obtain greater knowledge and learn more about nature and the culture of the region while having a minimal impact on the environment during your stay. We will try and get you to contribute to spreading the word to others and to conserving the environment as well as the local and national culture.

Our sustainability program is called “Green Angels” and our motto is: “Help to save our planet” in a clear allusion to our commitment of sustainability for our company, our country and our planet.

Green Angels

Cuna del Ángel has 5 leaves awarded as recognition by the Costa Rica Tourism Board through its program called CST (Certificate for Sustainable Tourism). This program guarantees good practices and procedures implemented and operated daily by the hotel, ensuring both responsible rational use of resources. In Cuna del Angel, our Sustainability Committee works daily developing projects to improve community and environmental conditions.

Green Angels Actions:

Cuna del Ángel Hotel was designed and built utilizing diverse eco-design criteria, especially in the areas of climate management and control, lighting, scenery and use of energy.

Cuna del Angel Hotel is currently undergoing a re-equipment following technologies of innovation and integration for sustainability, especially in that which refers to the consumption of energy and renewable resources.

The monitoring and reduction or mitigation of the impacts which this company has with its operations will be the pillar of its environmental policies.  The main impacts that will be monitored are as follows:

Sound impact: the hotel generates minimal sound impact. The background music in the restaurant is kept at minimal levels, and the rooms are correctly soundproofed.

Environmental visual impact: the design of the hotel was based on its harmonious integration into its natural area, integrating open spaces, soft colors, light and pleasing tones, as well as visual elements of a natural character. Its architectural lines look for a sense of continuity and the element of the forest is vital to our physical context. Our restaurant La Palapa was designed in homage to our local ancestors. Its architectural design was based on the ceremonial houses of the Borucas – a symbolic expression of the indigenous Costa Rican culture. The circular form generates the idea of a center that projects energy towards the sky through its conical roof. The central area has mosaics that represent the cosmic levels of our local cultures: Earth, Sky, Sun and Moon. All of these are located around this circular space. These symbolic codes are mostly religious and social with universal elements. This means that various ethnicities around the world have similar concepts. The eight columns of the structure were located with this original ritual of the native ancestors in mind, since they used sunrise and sunset as their reference points.

Environmental impact in energy consumption and use of renewable resources: the hotel implements systems to control the consumption of energy and water. (as its air conditioners which are equipped with presence-sensors, its lighting in public areas where all the light bulbs are of low consumption and the hours of use are controlled, and external lighting, which uses photo sensors.)

Environmental impact from the generation of solid waste: the hotel is in the process of implementing a broad program of waste management.
The hotel tries to identify the client with its own environmental policies, mainly through its practices of reducing and mitigating its impacts.

The hotel promotes the training and growth of its personnel in the implementation of good environmental practices.

Cuna del Ángel Hotel is the leader and promoter of the Hermosa Beach Blue Flag Ecological Program. This program is officially recognized by the Central Government and is declared as being of national interest. It proposes to be a response to the constant danger and contamination that exists on the coastal areas of the country – a situation which threatens public health and the tourist industry.

Cuna del Ángel Hotel incentivizes its guests to participate in the PRO Program through the placement of envelopes located in the rooms that can later be deposited in a box located at the reception desk of the hotel.

Cuna del Ángel Hotel has collaborated with companies such as Rancho La Merced, with whom it has developed campaigns to plant trees. The hotel, as part of this initiative, bought trees for the children of the Puerto Nuevo Elementary School to plant so they would be active participants in this reforestation project.

General Policies

To implement the sustainable hotel innovation, by reducing our negative impacts while potentiating our positive impacts, and at the same time improving our clients’ experiences.

Considering that our hotel is located on the vulnerable coastal area, both from an environmental and social point of view, we must be proactive and innovative in facing the environmental and social problems that appear.

To make all our Human Resources (from the Owner to the Management and from the Area leaders to the personnel in general) conscious of their responsibility and at the same time of their opportunity to make a positive difference under the concept that: “A small change can have a great impact”.

With proper application and administration of these operative actions of sustainability, we can furthermore reduce operational costs in the medium term.

Since we know the profile of our guests, we also know that by becoming sustainable we will be identified with the environmental and social values of the majority of them.