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Medical Services

Angel’s Care Center… Medical Spa amidst the tropical paradise

Our vision allows us to provide you more than spa services, overall, wellbeing is a very important issue, therefore Cuna del Angel has created Angel’s Care Center led by Dr. Alfaro, a bilingual professional doctor graduated from UACA – Costa Rica and a USA trained medical aesthetics.

Angel’s Care center is the best alternative to attend guests’ and neighbors’ health needs in Costa Ballena area. A wide range of aesthetic and general medicine treatments in a quiet, safe and discreet ambiance; which adds value through the combination of medical treatment with one of relaxation surrounded by the South Pacific tropical forests and beaches.

Patients will have access to general medical services such as:

Monitoring chronic conditions like hypertension,diabetes
Weight management.
Preventive Medicine & Fostering a healthier lifestyle
Minor Surgeries
PAP Test (Papanicolaou)

Lab tests
Plastic Surgery Consultation scheduled for adults and children
Postoperative care
Some others

Aesthethic Treatments available:

Platlet Rich Plasma
Skin Tightening
Botulinum Txin Type A
Dermal Fillers Hyaluronic Acid or Calcium Hydroxylapatite

Intense Pulsed Light – IPL
Chemical Peeling
Some others

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